Why beaches in South Goa deserve your attention

Goa is a wonderful destination. It is one of the smallest Indian state and yet the highest visited tourist destination which is not only popular between Indians but among the foreigners as well. Travelling to Goa is a fun experience that includes amazing time at the beaches, fun moments at the many pubs and mouth watering food. But the majority of tourist folks who come to Goa only stay limited to a few places. The beaches in South Goa are very much ignored despite the fact that many of these places have emerged as highly friendly destinations among the tourists.
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Here are a few reasons why beaches in South Goa should be visited at-least once. 

Better, beautiful beaches

South Goa beaches are comparatively better and more beautiful compared to other parts of the state. The white sandy coastline of Palolem, Colva and Velsao make for some amazing beaches where the water is clearer and the atmosphere is friendly.

Less crowded tourist locations
South Goa has a number of attractions that are less crowded than the ones in the mainstream regions. Because of this, it is easy to explore the attractions like Cabo-De Rama, Butterfly island and various churches in great detail without being blocked by other tourists.

World class resorts 

Most of the beaches in South Goa are secluded and hence make a nice location for presence of world class resorts offering privacy and seclusion from the crowded areas. Honeymooners and couples would have a great time during their visit and since the location is limited to a selected few, the chances of finding a beach just for you are really high.

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