Best honeymoon places in India that you should ditch for the mainstream destinations

The honeymoon phase of a married couple is the best time to know each other. Their likes, dislikes and things they prefer as a part of their lifestyle all become evident during this time. The best way to find this experience rewarding is by travelling to best honeymoon places in India.

But today, destinations like Goa, Manali, and Udaipur have become too mainstream and crowded.

This is why couples often search for offbeat spots. Here are a few such places worth considering – 


With a majority of destinations in Himachal Pradesh becoming crowded, many newly-wed couples are now heading to Mcleodganj to experience the quaint charms of Himalayas. There are a number of beautiful resorts and hotels in the town where couples can spend a rewarding vacation. Beautiful waterfalls, temples, monasteries, and trek routes are perfect to make the best out of your vacation.


Located on the banks of Tungabhadra River, Hampi is a pretty destination that offers complete seclusion. There are a number of places to visit in Hampi where you can enjoy a lovely time. Apart from this, visitors can also opt for rock climbing if they have an adventurous soul. Hampi is also a paradise for the history lovers who come here to explore the ruins and the temples of the town.

Click here to know more about best places to visit in Hampi


Wayanad in Kerala has emerged as a beautiful honeymoon destination because of its pristine natural surroundings. Travellers will find beautiful resorts in various parts of the region that will make their holiday a surreal experience. One can either spend their time in resorts sipping on hot coffee or trek to the Chembara Peak to visit the gorgeous heart lake.


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