Highest recommended cafes in Thimphu to try amazing Bhutan Food

Bhutan is a beautiful country and those entering it by land prefer arriving in Thimphu first. This beautiful city is surrounded by Himalayan peaks on all sides. One of the major highlights of travelling in Thimphu are the quaint cafes and restaurants which offer amazing Bhutan Food.

Here are a few of the best cafes that you must visit during your vacation here – 

Central Café 

Central Café is the best café in Thimphu. Many travellers and backpackers come here to enjoy the lovely cuisine along with a variety of desserts served here.  Apart from the local food, tea, coffee and various beverages are also popular in Central Café.

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Clove Bistro 

Clove Bistro has an amazing selection of menu that includes various ethnic cuisines along with a few that have been created by their chefs. The entire ambience of Clove Bistro is really pretty and perfect to spend a memorable evening.

Thijha Café 

Thijha Café is located near famous Thimphu Clock Tower and is a great place to stroll around during the evenings. Thijha Café has an assortment of dishes that includes local, Mediterranean, Italian and Chinese. They make amazing pizza and have been recommended over and over again by different travellers from various countries.

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Soelja Café 

Anyone looking for a great breakfast spot in the city should head to Soelja Café. They serve an amazing breakfast buffet that is simply delicious. Many travellers have recommended their bagels and sandwiches.

The ambient café 

Tea lovers and those who want to try delicious Bhutan food would love their time at The Ambient Café. The coffee here is also good and a must try. They are famous for their cakes and cookies that are prepared daily.


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