Top Tips to Plan Your Trip for Sunburn Festival in Pune

Sunburn Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in India that witnesses participation from a number of Indian and international artists. This festival is attended by music lovers from all around the world who come here to spend some time for relaxing, dancing, eating good food and making new friends. The festival has also been featured in some of the latest Bollywood movies because of which its popularity has increased.

Sunburn is fun but one must plan their trip in advance so that they are able to make the most out of it. Here are a few ways in which you can plan your trip better.
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Explore local food 

Pune’s food scene is very unique and personal. The Parsi Cafes here have their own identity and have been running here since ages. Apart from that, one should also visit the Old City and Cantonment to get familiar with the traditional food scene of the city. Puran Poli, Sabudana Vada, Puneri Misal and Mango Mastani are some of the iconic food items of this city.

Visit Shanivar Vada 

The centre piece of one of the highest grossing latest Bollywood movies, Shanivar Vada is a famous tourist spot in Pune. Since the mornings of Sunburn festival are free, so the visitors are free to explore the town. This palace was built in 1732 and was the seat of Peshwas. With a massive garden and gorgeous galleries, the castle hides a lot to stories to explore.

Plan a trek 

Pune is surrounded by trekking points. One can plan a trek during or after Sunburn Festival and enjoy the lovely hills of Western Ghats. Tikona Fort, Rajmachi Fort and Sinhagad Fort are just a few of the important trekking locations around the city. The post monsoon greenery makes the whole route pretty and photogenic.


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