Rann Utsav and Other Festivals that Should be on Your Wishlist in 2020

India is enriched with cultural diversity and a majority of it is seen through its festivals. There are many colourful festivals in every part of India that offer a peak into different Indian lifestyles. From heritage festivals like Rann Utsav to modern camping events like Ziro music festival, there is a lot to experience and explore.

Here Are Some of The Top Festivals That a Culture Lover Would Surely Enjoy.

Rann Utsav

Gujarat’s top festival is a showcase of the lifestyle and culture of Rann of Kutch region. From cultural performances to music and dance, Rann Utsav showcases everything. Camping amidst white salt desert is one of kinds of experience and is a major highlight of the festival. You can also visit India Pakistan border and add an extra layer of adventure to your experience. Shopping enthusiasts would also get a chance to buy the authentic embroidery from the local artisans.

Sunburn festival

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India has a flourishing music scene because of which there are many music festival sprung up in many different places. Among the top rated ones, the sunburn festival is a top favourite. The event invites top artists from the music scene around the world while also giving chance to some of the best musicians and singers from India to perform and showcase their talent.

Durga Puja

When it comes to experiencing the best of Kolkata, Durga Puja is something that you cannot miss. It is a larger than life festival of Kolkata and in entire West Bengal. Durga Puja is known for the colourful idols of Goddess Durga and pandals that are decorated in many unique themes. Attending Durga Puja is also a chance to explore the wonderful street food scene of the city. During Durga Puja, Kolkata doesn’t sleep and you can go on pandal hopping sessions whenever you want to.


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